Divorce Is Traumatic, and Even More Difficult With Children

What Is Child Centered Divorce?

Putting the physical and emotional needs of the children first
Seeing every decision through the lenses of the children
Planning ahead to make difficult decisions (custody & visitation)
Encouraging your children to have open conversations and letting them know how changes will affect their life and routines
Being responsive to their questions, and being as honest as you can based on the age of each child

What You Will Receive From This Book

In This Guide for Parents You Will Learn....

Why Sharing the Parenting Responsibilities is Important

How to Communicate Effectively With Your Spouse

How to Prepare For and Tell Your Children You Are Divorcing

"Switching Hour Techniques" to Emotionally Prepare Your Children for Moving Back and Forth Between Homes

How Your Children Will React Based On Their Age

What Are The Danger Signs That Your Children Are Not Adjusting

Handling Conflict - How To Establish New Rules of Engagement

Post-Divorce Tips to Building a Relationship With Your Children

The Benefits

This guide for parents was developed by Dr. Elaine Collins, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). She has counseled numerous couples, and worked with Mediators and Family Law Attorneys to help couples work through the traumatic issues of divorce. Dr. Collins is uniquely qualified to guide parents through the complicated issues with children, and has authored “Successful Child Centered Divorce”.

Developed by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Collins is Certified by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences

California Board of Behavioral Sciences

What You Will Receive From This Book

After Reading and Completing the Guide You Will....

Know How to Find a Good Support Team for You and Your Children

Understand Co-Parenting to Make Your Divorce Child Centered

Utilize the "Parent Pact" Guide and Worksheet Tool to Alleviate Chaos During the Transition

Have Organizational and Stress Reduction Skills to Reduce Turmoil

Use Effective Communications Skills When Talking With Your Spouse

Incorporate Techniques to Stay in Control and Not Respond in Anger

Be Prepared and Not Emotional During the "Switching Hour"

Be Prepared for What Reactions to Expect From Your Children Based on Their Age


A word from the author

I have worked with many couples through the difficult divorce process and transition. It can be particularly difficult when children are involved, trying to deal with the emotional personal issues while also understanding and managing the needs of the children. This guide was written for parents to help keep the needs of the children front and center throughout this difficult process.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), certified by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, and have counseled and provided workshops for hundreds of couples, individuals, and families, focusing on releasing negative emotions caused by stress and conflict, as well as teaching relaxation and coping techniques to achieve optimum mental and physical health.

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